Get a grip
on your health
and performance.

With the insights, methods and
systems of elite sports.

Get a grip on your health and performance.

With the insights, methods and systems of elite sports.

Does this sound like you?

You're exhausted.

After the pandemic you want to start again but you feel empty.
Usually you can do everything with your work ethic but right now it's just too much.
You need more energy to be there for your family, team and yourself.

You've let yourself go.

You were fitter once and are reminded of that every day.
You don't shake things off like you used to, pain is "normal" and your belly used to be smaller as well.
You don't want to have heart attacks, high blood pressure, burnout and diabetes, but the impacts are getting closer.

You don't start.

You know you should move more and eat "better".
You are frustrated by the conflicting information, approaches and "experts".   
You can't afford to waste tame with fads and bullshit.

In the Health & Performance Coaching
we'll implement
effective tools that fit in to your everyday life so you are back in control of your health and performance.

In the Health & Performance Coaching we implement effective tools that fit into your daily life so that you can regain control of your health and performance.

In short.

Every week

Weekly coaching sessions - online or in Hamburg.


4 Topics - nutrition, movement, regeneration and psychology.

No bullshit.

Based on science and succesful in practice. 

More Energy

You have energy for your day again. 


Insights and tools from elite sports individually tailored to you.


Learn and take things into your own hands.

Fits into your life

Small changes and to-dos - no complicated diets or hours of training.

More quality of life

You'll feel fit and look like it.

Begin and implement

The key for results - we'll make implementing and executing easy.

More energy.
Look and feel healthy.
Finally get started.
Supported like an elite athlete.

The Coaching.

Coaching Sessions

Individual and goal oriented problem solving.

We select proven tools and adapt them individually to you and your goal. Every week we agree on small, effective and realistic changes that you can implement. We take care of your nutrition, exercise & training as well as sleep & regeneration.

Through regular coaching sessions, the individuality and my availability between calls, we make sure that you actually implement things and are successful.


1. Comprehensive Assessment

No matter what we do, at the beginning we talk about your goals and what your motivation is, what you have already tried and of course what your current situation is.

To support you in the best way possible, I now know all the specifics and your starting point. Together, we then define the goal for our work together.

In addition, we will also use tools like a blood test that will let us track 18 biomarkers and show us your progress.

2. Focus on the biggest levers.

Effective tools from all areas - selected individually for you.

Every week we discuss what we'll focus on next and how the implementation went last week.

There are so many things you can and should do to be "healthy, fit & productive". I help you to select the things that make sense in your situation and that you will actually implement.

For that, we focus on the biggest and most effective things that you have to do anyway: eat, sleep, move and think - only better.

Nutrition & Supplementation
Movement & Training
Sleep & Regeneration
Stress & Mindset
Simple habits
Realistic changes

3. Focus on execution

Things that are realistic and fit into your life.

Starting, implementing and sticking to it are the key. I try to make this as easy as possible for you.

No fad diets, no 10 hour workouts, no enlightenment, no bullshit. But also no magic. Small and steady changes that stay are necessary for you to finally succeed with your efforts.

4. Results and changes that stay.

Because you'll learn to be responsible for your own health and performance.

Perhaps the biggest difference to others is that I explain the mechanisms that we'll use. This way you'll learn why the changes work and you can make adjustments no matter what happens in your life.

So you are not dependent on me, but are able to take your health and performance into your own hands. That way you have something that stays for life and not just for a few weeks.

Weekly individual sessions. Comprehensive analysis and tracking. Simple and effective changes that fit into your life. Being in control.

After the coaching.

You have energy for your day again.

You can be there for your team, your family and your kids the way you want to be.
You feel healthy and productive again.
You know how to influence your energy level.

You feel fit and look like it.

Your body will look the way you want it to again.
You won't be reminded of your age every day.
The risk for health problems is drastically reduced and you know how to keep it that way.

You started and executed.

You finally did what you actually already knew how to do and learned new things.
You know how to navigate the jungle of information and distinguish "useful" from "bullshit."
You got to your goal in the most effective way.

You've got a grip on your health and performance.

Health and performance under control.

With the insights, methods and
systems of elite sports.

People like you.


–        Show that people like them do my coaching

–        Also show that they are missing out if they don’t do it now. There are others that are already benefiting from it and they are not. Make them feel uninformed, show them that they can get ahead

–        I’m testimonials show that they are macher, achiever, that they got results that made them reach their goal of promotion, being their for they’re team, being a better parent, looking better,

–        Also show that I am great at coaching and now how to get someone to the results


Ich musste etwas ändern

Was wir gemacht haben

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Das Resultat

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HR Business Partner | Laufmaschine | Abnehm Ass


Als ich mit Magnus zu trainieren begann, war ich unsportlich und übergewichtig. Mein Ziel war neben abnehmen auch 6 Monate nach Trainingsstart meinen ersten 5 KM Lauf durchzuhalten. 

What we did

Mir gefiel sehr, dass Magnus zwar mein Ziel im Auge behielt, aber auch Wert darauf legte, dass ich die Grundlagen erlerne. Die Abwechslung der Workouts ließen mich dran bleiben und ich begann Spaß am Sport zu haben. Die Personal Trainings mit Magnus machen nicht nur Spaß, sondern man lernt auch viel.

The results

Ich war erstaunt, wie schnell ich beobachten konnte, dass mein Körper sich änderte, ich mehr Ausdauer hatte und auch flexibler in meinen Bewegungen wurde. Der 5 KM Lauf klappte ohne Probleme und auch 20 kg habe ich in kurzer Zeit verloren. Mittlerweile trainiere ich mit Magnus über einem Jahr und werde es so schnell auch nicht ändern.



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What we did

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The results

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Nimm jetzt deine eigene Gesundheit und Leistungsfähigkeit in die Hand.

What now?

You're starting today and reach out with your request.

We'll have a free first consultation to get to know each other.

If we think it's a fit, we'll decide to work together and go for it.

Sorry for the cheesy saying... But it's true. Let's chat and see how I can help you.

Let's talk.

Send me an e-mail.
Text me on WhatsApp.
Call me.
Or send me a message right here:


I am Magnus. Hamburg native, former handball player, business psychologist, founder, Strength & Conditioning Coach (DSHS), Performance Specialist (EXOS) and Mental Coach (AHAB).

I help normal people, athletes, teams, and companies to be their best every day by making the insights, methods, and systems of elite sports available to all.

I used to be in human resources and organizational development, now I'm a personal and strength coach for normal people and athletes. I also founded a company for handball players. Everywhere I integrate simple and effective systems into the daily routines of the people I work with. 

My expertise is in the topics of health and performance, which are linked. I'm especially interested in how I can help people perform their best every day with biochemistry & nutrition, training & regeneration, and psychology & coaching. 

Get help from someone who has spent years struggling with the balance between work, recovery, diet and exercise themselves.

Find the most effective tools for more energy, health and joy in your life.

What you'll get.

More energy for everything you still want to achieve.

You can take on any challenge at work again.

You have energy after work to be there for your family.

You can lead the way and be a role model.


You like to look in the mirror again.

You no longer have pain in your back, neck and knees.
You wake up rested and fresh.

An expert on your side.

You know what things are right for you.

You know about nutrition, training and regeneration.

You are in control of your own health and performance.

Accountability PARTNER.

You can reach me between coaching sessions.
You finally start and implement.

You'll get a motivating kick in the butt if necessary.

Individual Coaching Sessions.

You'll change small but effective things.

Tests, PDFs, supplements and training plans are tailored to you.
Sustainable results and no yo-yo effect.

... and much more.

Small investment now - health and performance in your own hands forever.

Okay. Hier die harten Fakten.

Personal Training

Der Klassiker.
2500 3 Monate
  • 12 individuelle Personal Training Einheiten
  • Supplement Paket (Wert: 100€)
  • ggf. zusätzlicher Trainingsplan (Wert: 300€)

Online Coaching

Effektiv und individuell.
2500 3 Monate
  • 12 individuelle Coaching Einheiten
  • Supplement Paket (Wert: 100€)
  • ggf. Trainingsplan (Wert: 300€)
  • Test von 18 Biomarkern + Analyse (Wert: 450€)
  • Erreichbarkeit zwischen den Coaching Einheiten
  • Effektive Tools aus den Bereichen Ernährung, Schlaf, Bewegung/Training, Regeneration, uvm. - für dich selektiert.

Online Coaching + Personal Training

Das ultimative Paket.
4500 3 Monate
  • 12 individuelle Coaching Einheiten
  • 12 individuelle Personal Training Einheiten
  • Supplement Paket (Wert: 100€)
  • Trainingsplan für dein Ziel (Wert: 300€)
  • Test von 18 Biomarkern + Analyse (Wert: 450€)
  • Erreichbarkeit zwischen den Coaching Einheiten
  • Effektive Tools aus den Bereichen Ernährung, Schlaf, Bewegung/Training, Regeneration, uvm. - für dich selektiert.

Strong partners integrated within the coaching.

Bloodtest with 18 biomarkers

Ich verlasse mich nicht auf mein Bauchgefühl. Mit den einfachen Tests für zuhause erhalten wir am Anfang und dann in regelmäßigem Abstand Rückmeldung über 18 ausgewählte Biomarker die uns helfen deine Ernährung zu steuern und den Fortschritt zu kontrollieren. 

Supplements of the highest quality.

Edubily is one of the leading nutritional supplement manufacturers from Germany and an absolute expert in biochemistry. A basic package of supplements is already integrated in every coaching. Depending on your location this might vary. 

Training plan including videos always in your pocket.

If needed you'll get a training plan written by me. The app makes it easy for you to train without me through videos, tracking, messages and reminders. 

Das ist ein schnapper für den Wert der Ausbildung, Zeit, Partner und vor allem deine Ergebnisse.

The FAQs.

... How are you different from the others?

Different does not always mean better. I try to offer you the best coaching and training methods. No more, no less. If there were no other good coaches, who would I have learned from? The important thing is that we understand each other. Did you like what you read here? Then let us talk.Want to know more about me, then check out this.

... Don't you just talk a lot here?

Empty promises are not my thing. What you will find here on the site is not the normal fitness marketing like "4-weeks to your dream figure - program". We'll work honestly, goal-oriented and who knows, maybe it's even fun?  


Unfortunately, currently there are many "COACHES" out there for anything you can think of. But I am not a "get rich quick" or a "business coach". My focus is on getting your body performing again so you can successfully master all other things. 

You should first install a reliable (high-performance) engine and a brake before driving off. 

... What is the difference to personal training ?

There are so many more things that affect physical performance than training. Sometimes it might not be smart to do more (training) but to do the things you already do (eating, sleeping, moving) better. Besides, 1x a week personal training is certainly not as effective as changing your habits every day. 

... that must be pretty expensive !

No. I could start with "This is an investment in your health", "We only have one body", "Burn-Out Prophylaxis" and so on. But in the end it's like this: You don't just pay for the hour, but also for the experience, training and dedication of your coach. On top of that, there's the studio/office, travel costs, taxes, etc.. And - I do not make you dependent. You should be able to take care of yourself afterwards. In the end, it's just a small investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life. If it is really worth it, you can only find out in person. Send me a message, no strings attached. 

... I'm not so sure .

Whaaaat? I've put beautiful pictures on the website and written great things. You know - the things everyone does. Maybe we should meet in person. I would like to! Shoot me a message.  

.... Aren't the things from the elite sports too much for me ?

An elite athlete has little time, no desire to weigh food for hours, to work through endlessly complex things or to waste their time with unnecessary stuff - just like you. We select the things you need exactly for you. Just like it is done in elite sports. 


Then message or call me. Here you will find everything you need:
Phone: +49 (0)15233148088
Everything else: Contact

Why today is always the best day to get started.

Which start date do you choose?