Make new friends and workout regularly! In a private and personal environment.
With an english speaking personal trainer from Hamburg.

Does this sound like you ?

Big gyms, full classes and Instagram workouts are not your thing?

Expat, new in Hamburg and looking for connections?

Interested in sport, health and personal development?

Open to new things and you value great service?



Then you're just like us.

The Idea.

Bring people together.

Our small and exclusive workout groups bring expats in Hamburg together. Being new in a city can be overwhelming, we offer a place to meet, sweat and laugh in a personal and private setting. 

Small and exclusive.

No big gyms, no classes with 50 pepole, no instructors that are more entertainer than trainer. The coach knows you, you know everyone in the group and it feels like working out with your friends. If you were looking for english personal training in Hamburg – this is even better.

Affordable Personal Training.

You’ll basically share the costs of an experienced, english speaking personal trainer from Hamburg. You’ll be empowered to take control of your own training and health. If you ever decide to leave this beautiful city again, you’ll have all the tools necessary to continue your healthy routines and keep in control of your wellbeing.

Groups of 5.

Groups no larger than 5 with a personal training like experience. As a group you will come together regularly, workout and motivate each other. We always start new private groups as soon as we have 5 people ready. Currently we are starting a new group, so let us know you’re interested!

A weekly date.

You’ll have one or two fixed weekly dates where you will workout with your group. But you won’t just come because you have to – you’ll come because you want to.

All across Hamburg.

We offer our groups the option of 3 exclusive and private locations in Hamburg. One in the west: Altona (if you’re in Ottensen, Bahrenfeld, St.Pauli)
One in the middle: Eimsbüttel (if you’re in Hoheluft, Eppendorf, Harvestehude)
One in the east: Barmbek (if you’re in Uhlenhorst, Winterhude)

A private place to sweat and laugh together.

The Coach.

My name is Magnus. I’m originally from Hamburg but was the new international guy in town a couple of times in my life (Norway, Poland, New Zealand among others).

I always turned to sport to connect and meet new people, that’s why I started these groups for expats coming to my hometown. Offering english personal training in Hamburg and making it accessible for everyone! 

I’ve coached athletes from all walks of life, empowering them to take control of their own performance, health and wellbeing. I believe that everyone should have access to great training and enjoy their healthy routines. 

Share a Personal Trainer and make it affordable.

The Locations.

We have two absolutely private and exclusive locations. One in the west (Altona/ S-Königstraße) and one in the east (Barmbek/U-Dehnhaide). It’s where I usually offer my english personal training in Hamburg. They are well equipped with everything we need and assure absolute privacy. Both are well connected by public transport (HVV). The perfect conditions for a small expat workout group. 


This gem is hidden away in a former factory building with a large training room and the finest Keiser equipment. It also has a kitchen for us to cook and connect in.


A modern and design conscious take on a functional training gym. Light wood, lots of light and the finest rogue equipment create an amazing training athmosphere.

"It's like having a Personal Training with your friends."

The Price.

A high quality, english personal training session in Hamburg costs around €100,- . In your small expat workout group you will get everything you would from a personal trainer with the joy and motivation from new friends! It is private, exclusive and high quality training in a small group of friendly new faces. Want to join together with an old friend? Sure! Currently we want to start a new group of 5 people so we have a special offer for you, don’t miss out!


Billed One Time
per Session
  • Personal Training Session
  • New Coach
  • 10 Sessions
  • Altona, Eimsbüttel or Barmbek
  • Pay and have absolute privacy


Billed Monthly
per Session
  • Semi-Private Training Session (5p. max)
  • New Coach + Friends in Hamburg
  • 3 months commitment to your health
  • Altona, Eimsbüttel or Barmbek
  • Pay less for more


Billed Monthly
per Session
  • Semi-Private Training Session (5p. max)
  • New Coach + Friends in Hamburg
  • 3 month fast track to results
  • Altona, Eimsbüttel, or Barmbek
  • Pay less for more

Private Training + New Friends = Spend Less.

Interested? Let's Talk!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The group members will be just like you. They are expats in Hamburg and English is their first or second language. They want to connect and meet new people from all over the world. Usually you don’t meet them in big fancy, sweaty and overpriced classes. They are interested in sports, value great service and are open to new things. 

Currently we are starting a new group of 5 people. As soon as we have enough people ready we’ll open up a new group. Usually people also bring someone they know so the groups fill quickly. If you are interested in joining just fill out the form above and we will get in touch to get to know you and discuss any further steps. 

You’ll have more time with the coach. Because it is not a big class, the coach can approach everyone individually.

You’ll pay less. You’re basically sharing the costs of a personal trainer. 

You’ll be motivated. Because you’ll have a group to look forward to. 

You’ll meet new people. And you’ll like them. 

Our two locations are private and exclusive. They are not big Gyms with 100s of people sweating in them everyday. Everything is disinfected after each session and there is enough space for everyone. 

We make sure that we are compliant with all regulations from the Hamburg Senate and the German Gowernment. 

If you have any questions or hesitations. Please feel free to call me directly at 015233148088.

Maybe during this time, working out in a private gym is the best thing that is available. 

Don't miss out on your new friends!