Magnus Nerlich

Personal Trainer. Strength Coach. Business Psychologist.

Performance Specialist in Hamburg.

I am Magnus. Hamburg native, former handball player, business psychologist, founder, Strength & Conditioning Coach (DSHS), Performance Specialist (EXOS) and Mental Coach (AHAB).

I help normal people, athletes, teams, and companies to be their best every day by making the insights, methods, and systems of elite sports available to all.

I used to be in human resources and organizational development, now I'm a personal and strength coach for normal people and athletes. I also founded a company for handball players. Everywhere I integrate simple and effective systems into the daily routines of the people I work with. 

My expertise is in the topics of health and performance, which are linked. I'm especially interested in how I can help people perform their best every day with biochemistry & nutrition, training & regeneration, and psychology & coaching. 

My values
are simple.


Hard Work Pays Off – I'm convinced of that. 


Customer and service orientation are my thing, why else go into the service industry?


Courage to address, try out and tackle things. 


We'll take time proven tools and tailor them to you. 


All my solutions follow a holistic approach of exercise, nutrition, regeneration and psychology - in person or digital. 


Everything has its foundation in science. Supplemented with practical experience, we work goal-oriented and effectively on your goals.

My solutions aswell.

My Education

Strength & Conditioning

When it comes to academic training in sports, in Europe - there's no way around the German Sport University in Cologne. After studying business psychology in Hamburg, I went back to school here and put my work in sports on a scientific footing.

XPS Certification Badge

Performance Specialist

EXOS is one of the top destinations for strength and speed training in the world. Whether NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB or DFB, EXOS is responsible for countless top 10 draft picks, champions and gold medals. When it comes to Strength & Conditioning, the insights, training methods and EXOS training system are state-of-the-art. This is what I want to bring to my clients.

Fitness Specialist

After my athletes have seen success with the EXOS training system, I wanted my personal training clients in Hamburg to benefit from this knowledge as well.  As one of the few personal trainers in Hamburg who have this training, I can therefore really offer the knowledge, training methods and training systems of elite sports to everyone.

Performance Mentorship

The Performance Mentorship is an intensive experience, where the main focus is on the exchange between the coaches. Here I got to know part of my network and took home a whole notebook full of wisdom and experiences.

and many others, including:

Additionally I read many scientific
articles, books and exchange insights with other coaches regularly.

A little more "blah blah".

Why I do what I do.

After my time as a handball player and trainer in youth sports, I found my way back to sports after studying business psychology and various jobs in Germany and abroad.

Since I was forced to give up my handball career at an early age, I initially wanted to enable other young people to play the sport they like so much throughout their whole live - no matter what level. This turned into a fascination for human performance.

Numerous hours of learning, sharing and experience later, I can now help others better understand their bodies and minds. Combined with my experience from my time in different companies, I do this not only for competitive athletes but also for people who's life does not revolve around sports but still deserves the best. 

My mission.

I help normal people, athletes, teams, and companies to be their best every day by making the insights, methods, and systems of elite sports available to every one.

The best for everyone?

No matter if you are an elite athlete or a "normal person" - in our everyday life we all have the same challenges. No time, a lot of sitting, stress. In the end, we all want our body to do what we want it to do - without any restrictions. But just because sport is not your lifelihood, you shouldn't waste your time on anything pointless or hazardous to your health. That's why my solutions are all individual, goal-oriented and effective.

My focus.
My quality standard.

There's a lot of crap in the "fitness" industry. Anyone can call themselves a "trainer" or "coach" overnight. I have high standards for my own training and my work. Among other things, you benefit from my time at the German Sports University and at EXOS. For me, it is also part of my job to regularly read scientific papers and current publications. And if I don't have the answer, I find it.

Private life?
Private is private. But I can say this much: I like handball, rugby, Scandinavia and Hamburg quite a lot. Oh, and pizza 🍕.

It's annoying to market yourself like that... Whether I'm actually the right one, we can only find out personally. Get in touch with me and we'll talk..