Professionalise your

Nutrition.  Regeneration.  Mindset.  Training.

With the insights, methods and
systems of elite sports.

Professionalise your

Nutrition.  Regeneration.  Mindset.  Training.

With the insights, methods and
systems of elite sports.

Does this sound like you?

Your body should be an asset and not in your way.

You want to be stronger and more powerful?
You want to build muscle or lose fat?
You want to utilise your nutrition to train better and recover faster?
You want to be well prepared mentally?

You want to prepare for the next step in your career.

Your goal is to be professional in all areas.
You want to improve your performance, value and availability.
You're ready to put in the work and go all in.

You're not using the full potential yet.

You know about the importance of nutrition, recovery, psychology and effective training.
You want to learn more about it.
But your club or school ist not offering anything.

You're looking for an expert to support you.

You need someone to help you navigate the jungle of information and tools and select the right things for you.
You need someone you can ask questions, who cares for you individually and wants to find solutions that fit into your life with training, travel, school, study, work and maybe even free time.
You're looking for someone who works with competitive athletes on a daily basis and produces results.

Then you've come to the right place.

In short.

Weekly online coaching calls.



Nutrition, Regeneration, Psychology and Training (the latter only for advanced athletes) - the things everone has to do but you'll do them better.


We decide what the biggest levers are to reach your goals and you can ask any question.

No bullshit.

We'll only use things that are based on science and succesful in practice.

Everything covered

Blood tests, nutrition & supplements, mental training, sleep & recovery, time & stress management, training plans and more.


No waste of time. The training methods from elite sports individually adapted to you.

Not just blind execution

You'll learn what works for you and why. How you can train, recover and eat the best.


An expert with high quality education and training including at the German Sport University, EXOS, Kilo Strength, YPSI, and more. 


Should be standard but not always the case. 

Satisfied customers

My clients all achieve their measurable and realistic goals. 

I'll help you to give your best every day so you can become better in your sport.

Small changes - big effects.

Strength ↗️
Power ↗️
Muscle Mass ↗️
Energy ↗️
Mental Strength ↗️
Self-Confidence ↗️
Nutritional Knowledge ↗️
Recovery Knowledge ↗️
Psychology Knowledge ↗️
Fatigue ↘️
Pain ↘️
Injury Risk ↘️
Market Value ↗️
Professionalism ↗️
Playtime ↗️

I'll help you to take your performance in to your own hands.
With the methods of elite sports.

The Coaching.

1. Free Consultation

Everything is based on the insights, methods and systems of elite sports. That's why I will treat you like an elite athlete and we'll start with a meeting to get to know each other.

We'll start with a phone call or meeting in Hamburg. What are your goals? What is your motivation? What have you already tried? And of course your current situation.

If we are both convinced that we are a good fit, we will meet for a detailed first session.

Nutrition & Recovery

2. Comprehensive Assessment

This includes an in-depth conversation about your goals, injuries, what you've already tried, and your challenges in everyday life.

We also get a detailed and accurate picture of your diet, sleep and training. For this we use a blood test that you can do at home, as well as your training data, and other diagnostic tools. 

After all this, we know exactly what to focus on to achieve the greatest effects. In the end we have everything I need to support you in the best way possible, I now know all the specifics and your starting point. Together, we then define the goal for our work together.

3. Weekly Coaching Sessions

Every week we'll have a call. We'll discuss what we'll focus on next and how the implementation went last week. For that, we focus on the biggest and most effective things that you have to do anyway: eat, sleep, move and think - only better. 

Whether in nutrition or training - we'll focus on the time-tested basics that have already helped many others achieve their goals. In addition to that there are so many things you can and should do to be "stronger, faster, more powerful and better"I help you to select the things that make sense in your situation and that you will actually implement.

The ultimate goal is that you get better at your sport. You can only do that by being able to train and play more. I'll help you recover a little faster each week, train more effectively, eat and sleep better, stay injury-free, etc. We'll focus on small, realistic but effective changes.


For me, the human always comes before the athlete. That means I pay attention to long-term development and prioritize this and their health over short-term performance goals. 

In addition to strength and other KPIs, their work ethic, self-confidence, knowledge about nutrition, recovery and training will improve. 

I will communicate honestly how long it will take to reach the goals and will not promise anything else.

I will also coordinate with the club and, if necessary, national association to ensure an adequate load and prevent injuries and misscommunication. 

I have many years of experience in working with children, youth athletes and parents. Unfortunately, especially in the youth sector, you often don't find the best coaches and I would like to change that with my Sports Performance Coaching. 

Goal oriented and effective
Based on science
Individual tools
Real coaching

4. Measurable success

Maybe the biggest difference to others is that I explain why we do the things the way we do. This way you learn how everything works, can continue without me and are not dependent on me.

If you implement the things consistently, you'll see and feel the results.

Strong partners integrated within the coaching.

Bloodtest with 18 biomarkers

I don't rely on my gut feeling. With the simple home tests, we get feedback on 18 selected biomarkers at the beginning and then at regular intervals that help us manage your diet and lifestyle as well as monitor your progress. 

Supplements of the highest quality.

Edubily is one of the leading nutritional supplement manufacturers from Germany and an absolute expert in biochemistry. A basic package of supplements is already integrated in every coaching. Depending on your location this might vary. 

Training plan including videos always in your pocket.

If needed you'll get a training plan written by me. The app makes it easy for you to train without me through videos, tracking, messages and reminders. 

Weekly individual sessions. Comprehensive analysis and tracking. Simple and effective changes that fit into your life. Being in control.

Athletin und Athleten wie du.


Handballerin | Jugend Bundesliga | Deutsche Jugend Nationalmannschaft


Ich war durch Krafttraining bereits stark aber hatte körperlich gegen ältere nicht viel entgegenzusetzen. Ich brauchte mehr

Was wir gemacht haben

Indivdueller Trainingsplan, Ernährung, 1x die Woche plus 2x die Woche alleine

Das Resultat

Schwerer, stärker trotz gewicht höher springen, schneller sprinten – Frauen bereich


Hockey Spieler | Liga? | Hamburger Auswahl


Ich habe kurz vor dem Sommer das Feedback erhalten das ich zu langsam sei um in der Auswahl zu bleiben. 

What we did

Über den Sommer eine Mischung aus Kraft und Sprinttraining

The results

Nach dem Sommer beim Test der Auswahl unter den schnellsten meines Jahrgangs und den Platz in der Mannschaft gesichert. 


Volleyballerin | Liga? | Hamburger Auswahl


Körperlich zum Teil unterlegen gefühlt und wusste ich muss eine Klasse höher spielen. Wollte höher springen und härter schlagen außerdem Schulter gesundheit

What we did

Regelmäßiges Kraftraining

The results

Sprunghöhe  und Kraft

Nimm jetzt deine eigene Gesundheit und Leistungsfähigkeit in die Hand.


I am Magnus. Hamburg native, former handball player, business psychologist, founder, Strength & Conditioning Coach (DSHS), Performance Specialist (EXOS) and Mental Coach (AHAB).

I help normal people, athletes, teams, and companies to be their best every day by making the insights, methods, and systems of elite sports available to all.

I currently work mainly with young athletes, e.g. in the academy of FC St. Pauli, as the S&C coach of the Hamburg Handball Association, the SG Hamburg-Nord or individual athletes from field hockey, volleyball, handball and more. 

My expertise is in the topics of health and performance, which are linked. I'm especially interested in how I can help people perform their best every day with biochemistry & nutrition, training & regeneration, and psychology & coaching. 

Let an expert help you reach your goals in the most effective way.

What now?

You'll shoot me a message below.

We'll have a free first consultation to get to know each other.

If we think it's a fit, we'll decide to work together and go for it.

Sorry for the cheesy saying... But it's true. Let's chat and see how I can help you.

Let's talk.

Send me an e-mail.
Text me on WhatsApp.
Call me.
Or send me a message right here:

What you'll get.

Measurable results.




An expert on your side.

You know what things are right for you.

You'll learn how to train.

You'll reach your goal quick and safe.

Professional support.

Coordination with club, association, school and life.

Experience and contacts in elite sports.

The most effective and safest training methods and systems.

Individual Coaching Sessions.

Experienced coach that doesn't bullshit.

Training plans, nutrition, routines, etc. individually tailored to you.
Sustainable results.

... and much more.

Profit from my education and experience - save time on the way to your goals.

The FAQs.

... How are you different from the others?

Different does not always mean better. I try to offer you the best coaching and training methods. No more, no less. If there were no other good coaches, who would I have learned from? The important thing is that we understand each other. Did you like what you read here? Then let us talk.Want to know more about me, then check out this.

... Don't you just talk a lot here?

Empty promises are not my thing. What you will find here on the site is not fitness the normal fitness marketing like "4-weeks to your dream figure - program". We'll work honestly, goal-oriented and who knows, maybe it's even fun?  

... Should young athletes even do this?

This depends on the physical development of the individual. The advantage of a systematic and well planned training is that it can be individually adapted. 

Did you jump off the jungle gym as a little kid? Do you sprint in your sport? Do you bat or throw maximally in your game? Then why shouldn't you be able to do adequate strength & conditioning?

What's the difference to Strength & Conditioning in Hamburg?

I only offer in person strength & conditioning in Hamburg and focus mainly on training. Usually there is a clear measurable performance goal.  

Sports Performance Coaching can take place anywhere digitally and offers the possibility to focus more on the topics of nutrition & supplementation, regeneration & sleep and psychology. 

... that must be pretty expensive !

No. I could start with "This is an investment in your career", "We only have one body", "Injury Prevention" and so on. But in the end it's like this: You don't just pay for the hour, but also for the experience, training and dedication of your coach. On top of that, there's the studio/office, travel costs, taxes, etc.. And - I do not make you dependent. You should be able to take care of yourself afterwards. In the end, it's just a small investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life. If it is really worth it, you can only find out in person. Send me a message, no strings attached. 

... I'm not so sure .

Whaaaat? I've put beautiful pictures on the website and written great things. You know - the things everyone does. Maybe we should meet in person. I would like to! Shoot me a message.  

.... Aren't the things from the elite sports too much for me ?

Even an elite athlete has little time and no desire to spend hours on any unnecessary equipment or with complicated nutrition nonsense. In the Sports Performance Coaching we select things exactly for you and develop you with a long term approach. Just like it is done in elite sports. 


Then message or call me. Here you will find everything you need:
Phone: +49 (0)15233148088
Everything else: Contact

Why today is always the best day to get started.

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